The importance of getting it wrong

There's a war going on outside that no man who's been photographed is safe from. I don't know if you've noticed, but there appears to be the rise of the anti-style blog, which exist only to point out what's wrong in other's outfits. I've heard the arguments for this - 'who watches the watchmen' and all that - but, let's be honest, it's just an excuse for guys to be catty. 

'Who watches the watchmen'? Who says anyone has to be watched? It's just clothes. I know everyone who has a blog now believes they're trendsetting, game changing, world alterers, but the reality with most of this is that most people look at it, say 'that's nice' and carry on with their daily lives. And if they don't? Then that's their problem. To my knowledge, a bad outfit hasn't hurt anything apart from the wearers pride.

But what really grinds my gears about sites like Nice Try Bro and their ilk is that they reinforce the fear most guys have getting it 'wrong'. Men are scared. Scared and self conscious. Why else do you think workwear was the last big trend? It's the perfect excuse to like clothes. 

'Oh, I don't just like these boots, I'm actually honouring my forefathers through the medium of clothing.'

'I like my clothes to have a story'

Bullshit. You like clothes that look good, just like everybody else. 

But men are scared so they'll latch on to whatever nonsense story and, to make matters worse, will use phrases like 'I can't pull it off' to demonstrate their fear. And that's all that phrase is - another of saying 'I'm scared of wearing this'. And there's nothing wrong with saying something makes you self conscious or scared, we're all human. But just come out and say it.

But my main point here is, what's so bad about getting it wrong? getting things wrong is a part of life, a part of growing and unavoidable. Yes, unavoidable. You can read all the blogs you like, do all the things in the right way, but chances are that you'll probably still get something wrong. And it's okay. 

We're all gonna get it wrong at some point, so quit worrying about it. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. You could slip on stairs and break your neck. In the grand scheme of things, clothes aren't worth this much thought. Live a little.