The importance of asking where your picture will end up

'Can I take a picture of you guys?'

I hear this a lot. Not because of me, mind. I'm usually standing next to some very well dressed people. I always assume I'm the toll people pay to get a good photograph. Their inner monologue goes, 'I'm not sure about the guy in the purple coat, but his friends look great'.

I'm usually drinking a beverage when this happens too. Which means I'm (a) slightly intoxicated and unable to pose correctly or (b) about to drink, which always leaves me in an awkward pose. The latter occurs more often than most.

Which brings me to Copenhagen. I was out and about, doing the fashion thing when a photographer walks up and says those words I dread. Being the gentleman, I let him snap away. What's the worst that could happen? I'm standing next to Jason Jules, so I'm always gonna look second best - but that comes with the territory.

And what happened? This did:

The picture wasn't that bad. The fact that it turned up in Dansk Daily, the official newspaper of Copenhagen fashion week was. Also, note the use of 'streetwear connoisseurs' to describe us. All I'm saying is, I know code for 'black people' when I see it. That aside, I do like the outfit of that girl who's picture was alongside mine.

On the plus side, I did get my picture taken by Sergei Sviatchenko of Close Up and Private. So there's up and downs to everything.