The Glamour Life

So there was a bit of fuss about that Tim Little article in GQ. Some have pointed out that he doesn't make all of Grenson's shoes in the UK (something he's said himself in an interview I did), some have said he should be more humble and others have called him a spoiled brat. I'm somewhere in the middle of all this. I do think that he should've realised how lucky he was to go around the world. It's something that people are jealous of (especially since the menswear explosion). And, let's face it, Paris is a beatiful city. Florence is beatiful. Berlin is beatiful. Visiting other countries for work is something people in the fashion industry are lucky to do.

But. And there is a but.

You do anything for long enough and it's easy to get trapped in the minutia. The small things - like the things Little was describing - start to overshadow the big things like travel. You stop being excited just to visit a country and start complaining about the 100ml liquid limit. You stop looking at the views and start complaining about being stuck in a hot garage for most of the day. Getting bored of something, no matter how great, merely makes you human as opposed to a spoiled brat. You can't state an opinion these days without it being over examined and being put into the camps of black and white. The world is a shade of grey, it'd be nice if we could treat statements as such. 

Gil Scott-Heron 

The world's awash with great Gil-Scott Heron tributes right now, as it should be. But I'd planned to write this about six months ago, so I thought I might as well do it now. 
When it comes to influences as a writer, Gil-Scott Heron is waaaay way up there. He spoke with a brevity and clarity than made me realise that getting something across in one sentence was more powerful than getting it out in three. For example, let's take a look at 'Home is where the hatred is'
Listen to whole song, but the lyrics that really stand out for me are these:
"home is where i live inside my white powder dreams
home was once an empty vacuum that's filled now with my silent screams
home is where the needle marks try to heal my broken heart"

He's said so much with so little in those lines. 'Home is where the needle marks try to heal my broken heart'? He's described his entire condition in one sentence. To paraphrase a rapper, those lines were the definition of the 'half long, twice strong' mentality that writers should aspire to. There's a lot of empty paragraphs being typed in the menswear blogothing right now, they'd do well to take a page from Gil's hymnbook. 
I put up this Gil Scott Doc on Selectism, but eff it, I'm putting up the link again.