That's the way it's always been

"This is how it's meant to be worn" 

"This was the way (insert profession here) originally wore it"

I've seen this argument many a time and always thought it to be bullshit. Not that the fact that something that was worn in a certain way a long time ago. But why do I have to follow that now? Clothes were worn a certain way a long time ago for a reason, not because everyone wanted to fall in line or follow a bygone time. We all know jeans were originally made the way they are to deal with the activities of that time. 

But now the activities have changed shouldn't the clothes? Why are we still buying clothes meant for riding when we're mostly riding around on public transport/cars (or a bike) or sitting on our arses? Function is often touted as a reason for buying clothes but if the function isn't functional then it's just useless.  

It's time for a new world order. If your jeans are made for something that happened 100 years then they're not traditionally functional, they're just fucking useless. It's a new day, time for some clothes that match that.