Overperformance wear

"This is built to withstand arctic temperatures"

"But I'm only wearing it to the shops" is what I said. In my head. 

I love a techie detail as much as the next person, but something built for arctic temperatures was too much for me. I need my jackets to perform - but only to a certain extent. Does it keep me dry? Does the hood stay on when it's windy? Does it have well sized pockets? The rest is fluff to me. It felt like buying a F1 car to take to Sainsburys. I was thinking about this while milling around the shop, trying to find a nice exit strategy without being rude (I'm nice like that). I came to an incredibly obvious conclusion. This stuff really works on guys.

I do find men (including myself) ridiculous most of the time. The endless need to impress, the razor thin tightrope on which most male egos are balanced, decisions based on machismo rather than clear thinking, the endless cock measuring games (oh, you did this? well I did that) and a host of other faults. All ridiculous. 

I'm not going off topic by bringing this up either. This is why it's noted that a watch is waterproof (you're not going swimming with it on anyway, so who cares?). It's why all grooming products are sold with 30 seconds of condensed laddism. Hell, even Kiehl's sells it's menswear range with pictures of slick haired greasers in motorcycle jackets. And it's why jackets are sold using 'built to withstand arctic temperatures' as a selling point.