I don't get #menswear. And I'm not mocking, dissing, or taking shots. I just think there's some huge cultural differences at play here.

It's weird in the UK right now. Men are wearing Rick Owens-esque gear with tucked in, pre-washed boots. And absolutely no fear of repercussions. Not just any guys, but the guys who'd usually take the piss out of anyone not wearing a polo and stonewash jeans. I don't really care to work out why this is so. The easy guess is that their girlfriends wanted them to look like a trendy boyband and now here we are; a world where elasticated cuffs on denim are acceptable. It's here and it's not going away any time soon. It's a bit like LA in the '80s style wise.

Contrast this with the US, where the scene is in its infancy. Attitudes are different; a little more defensive, a little more uptight. I feel like it's still finding its feet, which would explain why they treat menswear like it has nothing to do with fashion. But it's these fundamental differences that leave me bemused. 

From the outside it looks like a giant circle jerk. A circle jerk with people who feed off finding people writing about them and then getting defensive about what's being written*. Now, a few years ago, back in the early SL days, I did the same. Nothing to do with narcissism (how dare you even bring that up?!) I just wanted to know what people thought. The result? Some good, some bad, some OTT. The first few OTT comments, remarks or emails worried me a little. Then I realised they were just people making their own day more interesting by saying I should kill myself. No harm done. 

I do remember one person (pictured in this post) saying I should never write about shoes again because I called double monkstrap shoes 'overly spiffy'. This stuck because I'd heard he was someone who worked at Isaia. And because I thought it was a particularly ridiculous comment. Think my writing's shit? Fine. Think I don't know what I'm talking about? Fine. But think I shouldn't write about shoes again because I don't like a particular model of shoe? Don't be silly**. But that comment was helpful, because it exposed me to a fundamental difference between UK and US menswear. The #menswear world seems to think that everyone should be doing things in the 'correct' way, leaving very little room for re-interpretation. And those who do re-interpret are either special unicorns who's style you could never 'pull off' or weirdos. 

So what I'm saying is that I'm probably better off staying put in good ol' England, where dressing like you've been dragged through a Rick Owens show doesn't turn heads.

*I realise I'm not helping with this post.

**Before anyone gets in here defending his character, I'm sure he's a lovely person who knows everything there is to know about menswear, gives money to the homeless, calls his mum everyday and rescues stray kittens.