Latest work

Here's a quick roundup of features I've been doing for SL lately:

Interviewed Saif and Emma from Common

Q&A with Judy Gueffen of Royer Group, who recently took over Springcourt. 

Covered the Pop Up Flea and did a short Q&A with Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg.

Interview with Lesley Jackson, who wrote the recently released Ercol: Furniture in the making book

Piece on the weirdness of press events. While I love everything I do, I especially enjoyed this article. Mainly because I got to fit in a reference to David Foster Wallace and The Mack. 

Interviewed Greg Hewitt of DMSR London

Wrote about not being into the African print trend. This article got the most traction (to use an awful marketing term) out of all the ones I did, but it was a tongue in cheek piece at heart, despite having salient points behind it. 

Interviewed some great people about what tradeshows are really like. Another article I enjoyed doing, this time because of the amazing anecdotes. It's nice to do things like this when you see people actively planning to 'one day visit Pitti' like it's menswear Disneyland.

Interviewed George Hudson of Dodd.

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