Fruit of the cool

I was interviewing a brand owner a while back when, during a lull in the conversation, he said “Why do we have to try and be cool all the time?” The whole cool thing clearly annoyed him. For him, it was an unnatural slog. It got in the way of his business and didn’t have massive results in terms of sales. But it was also something that everyone told him he needed to do, so he carried on. He did cool things like being interviewed by me, hiring the right stylists and photographers to shoot his product and aiming to get his products on the right magazines and websites. If it was around today, the campaign would feature Adrienne Ho for the photo shoot. It’d have a recognisable photographer and use a stylist known for wearing hats and a lot of layers in street style pictures. 

It’s something that came to mind when reading about Seek No Further, Fruit of the Loom’s new brand. If you were being lazy you’d call it hipster. If you were being slightly less lazy, you’d say it was cool with intense air quotes. Whenever I see a sub label like this, I see some exasperated business owner saying “Why do we have to try and be cool all the time?”