"Is that how you fold all your shirts?"

I heard this once from an ex-girlfriend. You know those moments when you can hear attraction slipping away in one sentence? That was the way she said it. It was all downhill from there.

That aside, what I wanted to talk about was storage. It's not really talked about in menswear, which is odd to me. We all need storage space right? I'm aware it's talked about on forums but those places aren't for me. They're a little too aggressive. I know you undergo a hazing period, but there's a reason I've had no interest in joining a frat house. And it's not just because I'm British and those things only exist on TV here. I also don't care enough about everyone's opinion for me to ever do a 'WDYWT' submission. It's too much effort just to hear some guy you'll never meet say that the shoulders on my coat is 0.0001 cm to the left and therefore all wrong. 

Why don't we talk about storage in blogs? Is it the ugly side of fashion? The ugly side of fashion used to be tradeshows but now that's been converted into something everyone wants to go to. I'll jump the gun here and call storage the new tradeshows. Storage is something we all have to deal with but no one wants to talk about unless they're getting photographed in some artsy manner.

I've tried searching other sites for tips but that's been pretty useless. The Coveteur's a great site but the only tip I can take from that site is 'get a bigger wardrobe'. That and 'artfully place your shoes on top of ornaments'. 

There's a lot of room for a menswear storage blog (no pun intended). It'd actually be filling a gap instead of endlessly copying an already successful formula. I've seen enough Italian men in navy suits to last me a lifetime. I've seen enough authentically heritage men in 5 panel caps to last me a lifetime. And I've seen enough badly written advice to last me a lifetime. I'd take a storage blog over any of these menswear bloggers. Especially the ones who don't even want to admit that they're talking about fashion.

But what do I know? I'm a man who folds his shirts so precisely his girlfriends stop fancying him.