Everyday I'm Tumblr'ing

Credit this!

Tumblr's become the bastard child of blogging. Everyone and their mother (and me) have had something to say about this new form of JJJound inspired menswear blogging. The odd thing about Tumblr is that it's not the platform that annoys me, moreso the limited manner in which its users (specifically those in the menswear segment) use it.

Having good taste is all important in this era of timeless style, but putting up a picture of James Dean, a shoe you saw on a blog and a tasteful nude isn't good taste or curating. It's just copying the format you've seen elsewhere.

But my real problem with Tumblr is the absurdly lax approach to crediting photographs. Unsurprisingly, I really started to have a problem with this when I released those two editorials for Selectism. I had no ambitions to get all lawyerly on anyone who uses them, I just want to know you've used them. You liked it enough to put on your tumblr? cool, just say where you got it from.

It's odd to find a picture you had a hand in creating on a site without credit. Odder when you do the shoot in your house (as both shoots were) and someone's joking about how your shoes gave him a hard on. I chose Gingerland as our latest guest blogger and I'm absolutely certain that the pictures are on someone's tumblr. But without credit, I have absolutely no way of finding if they are or not.

Another thing that annoys me on a purely selfish and narcissistic level is how much props these dudes get on their 'ask' pages. I'm not bitter (I am) but it's a bit of a slap in the face to see someone take pictures from places where I work, lump them together in a blog and then get praised for having such great taste. It was me who did the work in the first place dagnammit. Like I said, I'm not bitter. Not at all.

I should say that there's several photo blogs I do like, JJJound and Llywarch are a couple, but there's usually themes in those posts, no matter how obscure.

Last point of this rant. If no one tells me they liked the shoots, I have no way of knowing. And what is a credit if not acknowledgment that you liked something?