Can you feel it?

Is it ever ok to say that men's clothes are sexy? That's not a rhetorical question designed to start this article, I'm genuinely asking*. 

I bring this up because I bought a pair of Mr Hare shoes at DSM last weekend (final sale, I'm not rich). And when I tried them on, the main feeling I had was 'I feel good'. And not in a 'I'm healthy' way - more of a Bee Gees and you can tell by the way I walk my walk kind of way. I felt like I could take on God and leave with his girlfriend. I felt good is what I'm trying to say. 

I'm used to hearing womenswear being referred to as sexy but rarely men's. It's either functional or fashion forward. The closest comparison is 'louche' and 'rakish' - which are both male synonyms for sexy, if you think about it. Let's hit the dictionary to make sure:

Louche: having a bad reputation but still attractive - Most things that are sexy have a bad reputation that you tend to overlook, so yeah, this sounds like sexy to me.

Rakish: Having a dashing, jaunty or slightly disreputable appearance - Sounds similar to Louche so, again, sounds like sexy.

I've always wondered why we don't talk more about feelings in menswear. Not just the sexy kind, but all the feelings you get (or should get) when you buy something. Right now it's all function, function, function. That's nice and all, but if function was the only reason we wore clothes, everyone would wear ugly clothes purely because they functioned**. And no one would wear a blazer in summer because, well, it's summer. 

So, with function removed as the main reason of purchase, what do you have left? The way it makes you feel. No MJ. Everything up to that point is designed to get you to that mythical I feel good in this. You can save all the other nonsense for. All I want are some clothes that make me play the Bee Gees in my head.

*Actually, that's a lie. It was rhetorical.  

**and I know loads of people do just that - that's a topic for another day