Adventures in transitional dressing Pt. 1

The sun came out the other day. It’s time to update the wardrobe. Like gardens, wardrobes need pruning. My current selection of  slightly too short t-shirts and knitwear ready for the sort of cold winter Kanye raps about aren’t doing it right now. So it’s time to look for the towelling tops. Extreme, I know, but no half measures. And, with the annoying way the retail world works, finding a towelling top when I need one will be impossible. So the search starts now.

After years of eyeing up the Orlebar Brown polo, I finally found one on sale. It didn’t work out. The tailored fit was actually a ‘really bloody tight’ fit that, together with the open neck design, made me look like I was going for a night out in Geordie Shore. So it got returned, the hunt started all over again.  Present have a towelling polo from Les Garcons Faciles, who look like the sort of brand you do a quick online search of, then pretend you’d heard of them ages ago. “Oh Les Garcons? My mate told me about them years ago, I was waiting for someone to bring them over here. The shipping was costing me a fortune.” Ideally I’d be saying the quoted while wearing but they’ve already sold out of my size. Shit. Or, to be more accurate, Merde.