About these Test Shots….

Can we talk about these? There's a pattern I've noticed lately in Jake Davis' test shots series. Namely, that the women are usually treated like objects in a soft porn film whilst the men are allowed to have personality. 

For instance, have you ever heard a woman talk in the entire series? I haven't. I'm not talking about now, when no one speaks, I'm talking about that period when he had several people eulogising about what style means to them and so on. All the men got plenty of time to talk, show a little personality, sound clever and so on. The women? they got to stand around in increasingly ridiculous outfits (hoodies with no trousers) and coyly smile at the camera while saying nothing. 

Now I can't say whether women not speaking in his videos was a definite intention of Jake. For all I know he may have asked them to speak and they refused. Maybe they all had colds and were afraid of sounding like Ed Miliband, I don't know. But the effect is that the women are all dehumanised. I'm trying to think of a better description but it's basically a very detached, teenage way of viewing people.

But going back to the outfits, there's always something a little ridiculous about each of the womens outfits. Either they're wearing no trousers, no bra or no shoes. Either that or the idea of it being about style is abandoned completely and they just run around imitating Baywatch. It's gotten to the point where it's only the soundtrack that keeps it from being absolutely ridiculous. And in the case of the Union video, it was still ridiculous (who knew that all women longed to do when you weren't around was take their bras off, try on your clothes, work out and play with your guns?)

I've said it before and I'll say it again; The test shots of women are dangerously close to this Bill Hicks routine. And when your videos can accurately mocked by a comedian who died over a decade ago, it's time for a rethink.