Every so often, you’ll see one of these ‘my collection of 300 white shirts’ articles pop up. And, once every other year, a newspaper editor realizes that people collect trainers. The trainer collector will take a picture next to (a) a bunch of trainer boxes or (b) sitting with the trainers strewn around them. Preferably while on a bed, just so you can hammer home how much of a loser they are.

As well as being lazy, often terrible articles, these also give off the false idea that everyone with any interest in clothing is a hoarder. And this just isn’t true for me. I’ve always found that certain brands just suited my life at certain periods. In fact, it worked on these factors: 

  1. The ‘this is me right now’ factor
  2. The ‘I know I’m killing it right now’ factor
  3. Function
  4. Trendiness/Hype

And yes, this is a sliding scale.

When you work things out like this, some brands make the cut, others don’t. Folk used to make the cut. APC used to make the cut (still wear their jeans, the rest is pretty meh). Any brand that doesn’t fit my life usually gets given to charity, eBay, friends or Bang Bang.

 Right now, Our Legacy is a brand that makes the cut.  If you’ve seen me at all in the last six months, you’ve probably seen me in at least one thing from Our Legacy. You might have seen me in several things from Our Legacy, looking like the fashion version of a full kit wanker.

I feel like us anti-hoarders need to be more vocal. Anti-hoarding is the way forward in our short-term rental society, who has time to shift 200 boxes of trainers every year? We all need to be anti-hoarders – it might even bring an end to those tired 300 shirt articles.

Fashionjason dike