Film style | Young Soul Rebels

I don't buy the 'there's no subcultures anymore' argument. That's just people ageing and no longer seeing the tell-signs of subcultures unless they're done in a manner that's relatable to them. But there is something to be said for easily identifiable style tribes. I'm not going to run down the synopsis for Young Soul Rebels (IMDB is a helluva drug) but I will show off some of the outfits.

It's interesting to see a film made back in 1991 that deals with race, sexuality and culture like this. While there are several shows involving black characters on TV, the UK based ones either don't mention race or they're youts on the estate. While the tensions are ramped up in the 1977-set Young Soul Rebels, it'd be nice to see something that reflects the times we live in now appear on TV or film. Race still matters. I'd like to see something that reflects that, even now, in 2014 I avoid wearing certain trainers because people would make assumptions about my life (see streetwear quiz). Media that reflects reality shouldn't be too much to ask for.

I've gone off track here. Look at the nice outfits below.

Baseball tops. Relevant for this spring.

Some Mr. Hare-esque loafers and fuschia pink (I think) socks there.