Writers on video

I’m currently indulging my passion for Serious Writing. Writing that requires a quill and, maybe, a beret. To indulge that passion I (a) started reading Serious Writing and (b) started watching videos about Serious Writing. I don't do writing advice anymore, mainly because it's like being pulled in 1,000 different directions.

A while back I grew bored with the Easton-Ellis’s and Jay McInerney’s of the world. Or, to be more accurate, I grew bored of reading about a world that was the same viewpoint I’d been digesting my whole life. So, starting out with with Renata Adler’s Speedboat, I decided to start reading books that weren’t from that default viewpoint. 

Here’s a few of the videos I’ve been watching so far. Starting with Renata Adler, moving onto to Junot Diaz and Hilton Als and ending with Chimamanda Adichie.

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